Phu Quoc Seawalker Trip (EN_PQ10)

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With a walking tour of the sea or Seawalker, you don't need anything skill as high as diving. As long as you know how to swim and like to explore the ocean, it is enough for you to watch the fish rise in the sea.

Outstanding features of the undersea walking tour:

  - Does not require much swimming ability of participants
  - Do not be annoyed by diving equipment (snorkel, gas tank, propeller)
  - Enjoying fun with colorful fish groups
  - See the colorful coral reefs meticulously cared for
  - Feeling like walking on land, not having difficulty breathing or suffering from gas pressure (which is encountered in most other types of diving)

Procedure :

If you want to walk on the bottom of the sea, you only need to wear a hat that provides oxygen. Next, you just need to follow the guide to go to the sea to see the fish and coral under the sea floor about 50m2 wide, every 15-20 minutes. But you can go every 30 minutes.

It is really Freedom:

With this undersea walking tour, you are fully active in the time of tour departure. You can move to Bai Sao or An Thoi port at any time. The boat and guide are always available and will take you to the coral reef area to start the Seawalker tour.

Before going to the underwater walking tour, you will need to know some information, such as: how to communicate with marine species and how to protect them. The exchange will take about 5 minutes and our staff will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

Place :

Our staff will take you to the coral sanctuary where you can unleash the beautiful ocean. Here you will be provided with the necessary tools for the scuba diving process and the meticulous and dedicated guidance of professional coaches.

Photography service:

If you want to save lovely moments with beautiful coral reefs and beautiful fish group, we are ready to help you with the underwater photography package. With 300,000 VND / 1 guest or 500,000 VND / 2 guests, you will receive 20 - 25 images / 1 guest. This will be a great experience to keep in mind that you have been visiting a greate place in Phu Quoc.

After finishing the walk in the sea and back to the water face, you will be provided with towels and soft drinks to shower, change clothes to avoiding getting colds.


- From 9/2018 we have provided canoes to welcome guests by the hour in the port area to the area of ​​coral conservation park (2 trips / day at 13:30 and 14:30). Please contact us to schedule a pick-up and reservation (In case you want to take a private canoe, you can consult the pick-up price with your own canoe below)

- Currently the tour is only applicable to pick up passengers at the port or convenient location south of the island . Please contact us for pick-up points and travel instructions. If you need a car, you can refer to our price list below.

- Free welcome with canoes for groups of 20 guests or more.

Tour price includes:

- Pick up & Drop off 
- Visit equipment and Sea Walk
- Fish's food
- Fresh water for showering + Clean towels
- Water springs, Tour guides, Travel insurance.

Note: Extra fee for pick up & drop off in this area:

Ong Lang area: extra pick up fee
Cua Can – Vung Bau area: extra pick up fee
Dai Beach – Vinpearl area: extra pick up fee

Hoteline : + 84 932 620 779

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